Budget Priorities

Vermont spends $50 million dollars more on Corrections than we spend on Higher Education every year. This at a time when students are burdened by college debt and employers are demanding a better-trained workforce. I will work to end the use of for-profit prisons, and increase treatment for drug addiction to lower our corrections population and use the savings to make college and vocational training more affordable for Vermonters.


H.35 was the result of years of work toward better water quality, and it was only a small step. Everyone- from homeowners to farmers to municipalities needs to be all-in to improve our impaired waters. I've been a part of one of the fastest growing renewable energy companies in Vermont and I'd like to bring that innovative thinking to our future work on water quality. Good policy can drive the market to support not only water quality, but the health of our air and soils as well. Many Franklin County legislators pay lip service to the environment- I have a record of strong leadership to preserve Vermont's most precious resources.


When I moved back to Saint Albans and opened Cosmic Bakery there were a lot of empty storefronts. Now we have a bustling downtown. I've been a part of building our downtown as a Main Street business owner and the Chair of our Downtown Board. With support for public-private partnerships and good development policies I helped keep employers like Mylan growing jobs in our community. We need more of this kind of leadership- not giving handouts to companies who pay crummy wages.